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Sep 30, 2012 1:15pm EDT
as a shoebox about 30, 40 minutes of battery life and motorola cost $3995. >> did you have one click >> no. but the amazing thing is government got involved in that today would still be as big of a shoebox, maybe if it emits a battery life, cost $9995 the president with the rallying against gritty cell phone makers. so today there's 5 billion in the world. do your banking, do a lot of medical service now with your cell phone. they become handheld computers. so the simple ones are virtually giveaways and set of $3995. so just give you one other example, a high-tech example of cell phones. even simple things. if it are a starbucks or a similar copy shop a 12-ounce can a 16-ounce, 20 halves cups of coffee. you notice the lives of the same size of it on up are three different different kinds of inventory. those are constantly happening in this kind of an economy that is what we seek to preserve. that is morality. little things, big things constantly happening. that's the glory of the thing and because are like fish in water, we don't relies that the system is. >> this is your secon
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1